Monday, February 15, 2010

Elephant related superstitions

  • It is good luck to see an elephant.

  • It is believed that elephants connect the heaven and the earth.

  • Of all elephants, the white coloured elephant is considered the most sacred.

  • Ornaments or pictures of an elephant with its trunk raised will bring good luck but only if placed to face a door to prevent possible damages to the house. The placing also brings happiness and prosperity.

  • According to superstitions, if you wear an ornament using elephant’s hair like elephant hair ring, elephant hair bracelet, you will be blessed with love. Also you will be happy, healthy, prosperous and rich.

  • It is said that elephants’ hair is gathered from areas where these animals rub their tails up against trees.

  • Elephant’s trunk curling up is good luck and down is bad.

  • Trunk raised stores good luck and dropped down dispenses good luck to others.

  • If you buy a statue, picture or anything of an elephant for you, you don’t expect good luck. Presenting such thing to others brings good luck for them. Receiving from others will get you good luck.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ladybug Superstitions

  • Some Asians believe that the Ladybugs / Ladybirds are very auspicious and give good luck.

  • According to them if a Ladybug lands on your clothing, you will succeed with true love. However you have to wait to meet your true love. The number of dots on the ladybug decides the duration of waiting. One month waiting is for one dot. Five months waiting is for five dots and so on.

  • Finding a ladybug is very good luck and is a sign of good fortune coming your way.

  • Killing a lady bug gives back luck.

  • Number of dots on a ladybug tells the number of years of good fortune you will have.

  • A ladybug landing on your hand is a sign of good weather coming.

  • The red color of the Ladybird indicates vitality, love, passion, heat and energy.

  • If a young girl catches a ladybug and releases it, the direction of its flight while flying away will be the direction from where her would be husband will come.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Superstitions

The kind of bird a girl watches on Valentine's Day predicts her future husband.

Some of the birds and the predictions are:

  • Robyn: a sailor
  • Sparrow: a poor man
  • Bluebird: a happy man
  • Blackbird: a priest or clergyman
  • Crossbill: an argumentative man
  • Gold Finch: a millionaire
  • Flock of doves: a happy, peaceful marriage.
  • Owl: will remain spinster

Two more (but not birds):

  • Bat: a baseball player
  • Squirrel: a cheapskate

Name read or heard:

  • On Valentine's Day, the first guy's name you read or hear will be the name of the man you will marry.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superstitions on lizard falling

Every movement of the wall lizard holds some significance according to Gowli Shastra. The
colour, spots, stripes, chirping or twittering of the lizard and where it falls on a person's body
are said to indicate future happenings. Effect of falling of a wall lizard on human being is called palli vizhum palan in Tamil. It is believed based on Indian mythology.

Effect of falling of lizard on Men

  • Head - Be ready for disputes / Clashes
  • Top head - Afraid of death
  • Face - Expect financial profits
  • Left eye – It’s for good
  • Right eye - Unsuccessful / Fail / Lose
  • Forehead - Lack of involvement / Separation
  • Right cheek - Sadness
  • Left ear - Beneficial / Income
  • Upper Lip - Be ready for disputes
  • Lower Lip - Expect financial profits
  • Both lips together - Fear of death
  • Mouth - Fear of bad health condition
  • Left of the backside - Victory / Gain
  • Night dreams - Fear of king or Ruler
  • Wrist - Beautification / Modification
  • Arm - Financial loss / Failure
  • Finger - Expect visitors and old friends
  • Right arm - Trouble / Complexity
  • Left arm - May bring shame on you
  • Thighs - Loss of clothing
  • Mustache - Expect hurdles
  • Heel - Get ready for a journey
  • Toe - Physical illness

Effect of falling of lizard on Women

  • Head - Afraid of death
  • Hair Knot - Worry about sickness
  • Calf of the leg - Expect visitors
  • Left eye - Get love from your man
  • Right eye - Creates mental stress
  • Chest – It’s for good
  • Right cheek - Male child may born
  • Upper Right ear -Expect financial profits
  • Upper lip - Be ready for disputes
  • Lower lip - You'll get new things
  • Both lips together - Ready to face difficulties
  • Breast - Unhappiness may occur
  • Backside - Expect death news
  • Nails - Conflicts / Arguments
  • Hands - Expect financial profits
  • Left hand - Creates mental stress
  • Finger - Get ornaments
  • Right arm - Romance ahead
  • Shoulder - Getting ornaments
  • Thighs - Expect romance
  • Knees - Fondness / Affection
  • Ankle - Complexity / Trouble
  • Right leg - You will be defeated / Loss
  • Toe - Male child may born

Monday, February 1, 2010

Superstitions: Gemstones cure Diseases

A large number of diseases are believed to be cured superstitiously by wearing gems or gemstones. They are listed below.

  • Allergy or skin-rashes - Red Coral, 4 carats on right hand or use a bracelet studded with Coral
  • Eczema - Coral with Yellow Sapphire
  • Psoriasis - 5 carats of Pearl, also wear necklace
  • Acidity or Ulcer - Pearl, 5 carats and Topaz, 2 carats
  • Excess menstruation - 5 carats red Coral or Coral necklace
  • Amnesia or loss of memory - 3 carats of Emerald in 2nd, 3rd or 4th finger, also 5 carats of Coral or Pearl
  • Anemia - Red Coral and Yellow Sapphire 5 carats
  • Appendicitis - Red Sapphire with yellow Coral
  • Baldness - Emerald with Blue Sapphire
  • Short sight - Emerald
  • Lethargy or Drowsiness - Emerald
  • Bladder trouble - Yellow Sapphire
  • Brain fever, meningitis or headache - Coral/Yellow Sapphire and Emerald or Emerald and Ruby
  • Cancer - Blue Sapphire
  • Reproductive organs or lack of counts - Diamond
  • Ear troubles - Red Coral or Emerald
  • Rheumatism - Red Coral and Yellow Sapphire
  • Gum boil - Red Coral
  • Heart disease - Emerald with Moonstone
  • Hernia - Red Coral with Yellow Sapphire
  • Insane - Emerald, Red Coral with Moonstone
  • Jaundice - Emerald with Topaz
  • Lucoderma - Diamond with Emerald
  • Menstrual disorders - 6 carats of Pearl with Red Coral
  • Miscarriage - Red Coral with Emerald
  • Paralysis - Red Coral Emerald with Moon Stone
  • Piles - Red Coral with Moon Stone
  • Sunstroke - Golden Topaz
  • Tuberculosis - Red Coral, Pearl and Yellow Sapphire
  • Kidney troubles - White Coral with Blue Sapphire, also Diamond with White Pearl
  • For peace of mind - Rudraksha, one face and five face, worn close to the neck, Pearl 5 carats or Coral worn on first finger.