Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superstitions on lizard falling

Every movement of the wall lizard holds some significance according to Gowli Shastra. The
colour, spots, stripes, chirping or twittering of the lizard and where it falls on a person's body
are said to indicate future happenings. Effect of falling of a wall lizard on human being is called palli vizhum palan in Tamil. It is believed based on Indian mythology.

Effect of falling of lizard on Men

  • Head - Be ready for disputes / Clashes
  • Top head - Afraid of death
  • Face - Expect financial profits
  • Left eye – It’s for good
  • Right eye - Unsuccessful / Fail / Lose
  • Forehead - Lack of involvement / Separation
  • Right cheek - Sadness
  • Left ear - Beneficial / Income
  • Upper Lip - Be ready for disputes
  • Lower Lip - Expect financial profits
  • Both lips together - Fear of death
  • Mouth - Fear of bad health condition
  • Left of the backside - Victory / Gain
  • Night dreams - Fear of king or Ruler
  • Wrist - Beautification / Modification
  • Arm - Financial loss / Failure
  • Finger - Expect visitors and old friends
  • Right arm - Trouble / Complexity
  • Left arm - May bring shame on you
  • Thighs - Loss of clothing
  • Mustache - Expect hurdles
  • Heel - Get ready for a journey
  • Toe - Physical illness

Effect of falling of lizard on Women

  • Head - Afraid of death
  • Hair Knot - Worry about sickness
  • Calf of the leg - Expect visitors
  • Left eye - Get love from your man
  • Right eye - Creates mental stress
  • Chest – It’s for good
  • Right cheek - Male child may born
  • Upper Right ear -Expect financial profits
  • Upper lip - Be ready for disputes
  • Lower lip - You'll get new things
  • Both lips together - Ready to face difficulties
  • Breast - Unhappiness may occur
  • Backside - Expect death news
  • Nails - Conflicts / Arguments
  • Hands - Expect financial profits
  • Left hand - Creates mental stress
  • Finger - Get ornaments
  • Right arm - Romance ahead
  • Shoulder - Getting ornaments
  • Thighs - Expect romance
  • Knees - Fondness / Affection
  • Ankle - Complexity / Trouble
  • Right leg - You will be defeated / Loss
  • Toe - Male child may born


  1. Thank u for your information

  2. Hi,
    Sometimes while i'm sleeping, the Lizard will run on by body.
    What this indicates.

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  4. A big black lizard fell on my dress when opening a draw. It did not touch my body. What does it indicate?

  5. it fell on my left toe ??? what it means

  6. two times died lizard fell on my head - what it indicate

  7. one day I was in church one new born lizard fell on my left hand. what it is indicate

  8. two times died lizard fell on my head - what it indicate

  9. lizard fell on my right feet finger runned left side?
    for men,kindly advice RAM

  10. a lizard fall on my left side of head then fall on my left eye and run throug my hair what this indicate

  11. Lizard scrawling my body on my backside... Can u tell me wat is indicates

  12. lizard fallen on (man)my back side of left ear exactly, while sleeping on Saturday night on 11:14 pm, then i took lizard with left hand leaved beside then it is went off...
    plz reply to my mail:

  13. Hello yesterday lizard fell on my right feet what does that symbolizes?

  14. Hello yesterday lizard fell on my right feet what does that symbolizes?