Monday, February 15, 2010

Elephant related superstitions

  • It is good luck to see an elephant.

  • It is believed that elephants connect the heaven and the earth.

  • Of all elephants, the white coloured elephant is considered the most sacred.

  • Ornaments or pictures of an elephant with its trunk raised will bring good luck but only if placed to face a door to prevent possible damages to the house. The placing also brings happiness and prosperity.

  • According to superstitions, if you wear an ornament using elephant’s hair like elephant hair ring, elephant hair bracelet, you will be blessed with love. Also you will be happy, healthy, prosperous and rich.

  • It is said that elephants’ hair is gathered from areas where these animals rub their tails up against trees.

  • Elephant’s trunk curling up is good luck and down is bad.

  • Trunk raised stores good luck and dropped down dispenses good luck to others.

  • If you buy a statue, picture or anything of an elephant for you, you don’t expect good luck. Presenting such thing to others brings good luck for them. Receiving from others will get you good luck.

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  1. interesting myths about elephants.. thanks for sharing =)