Friday, August 6, 2010

Dead man married dead girl

Bride: Vishalakshi

Bride groom: Yadav

Yadav, an unmarried  soldier in the Indian Army, died in 2003.
Vishalakshi, an unmarried daughter of late Parameshwara Poojari and Honnamma died in 1986.

Both the families had been advised by Boothas (minor deities), Kolas (divine rituals) and astrologers to arrange marriage of the dead in their families in order to resolve their problems.

The strange marriage was conducted by the residents of a Badagabellur village near Polali in the outskirts of Karnataka's Mangalore District at the groom’s house.

The spirit of a girl, who died 19 years ago, was married to the spirit of a man, who died eight years ago, at a marriage held in Polali, Mangalore, on Sunday night (01 Aug 2010) to remove obstacles for the nuptials of unmarried men and women in the families of Vishalakshi and Yadav. It is believed that dead bachelors live as evil spirits in the area and disturb the relatives.

According to Hindu tradition, auspicious ceremonies like marriages are not performed in the month of Ati or Ashada.

The groom got dowry!

Lavish feast was provided.

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