Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Good and bad omen

Sakunam / Shakunam / Sagunam (omen)

Before undertaking a journey, it is common in some parts if India to look through the path which is likely to be followed. In that process, certain things are seen and satisfied as good omens and others bad.  This is called shakunam paarththal or Sakunam nokkal.

Good Omens (nalla sakunam/nalla shakunangal):

  • Overhearing a pleasant conversation, hearing of musical instruments.

  • Seeing a good blaze of fire, an umbrella, fans, mirrors, a harp, diamonds, gold, weapons, fruit , flowers, bangles, Curd, raw rice, honey, cow’s ghee, lead, sulphur, metal filter, ringing sound of a bell, lamp, lotus, uncooked fish, meat, sweets, group of dancing girls or young women, elephant,  horse, bullock, corpse, two Brahmins (Brahmans), Sudra holding a stick, a cow with rope,  and many more.

  • Hearing the braying of an ass from the east, south, north or north-east.

  • Passing of a crow, parrot, stork, heron, or a jackal from left to right.

  • Passing of a kite, hawk, owl, iguana, deer, musk-rat, dog, or mongoose from right to left.

  • Crying of a lizard from right or from overhead.

  • Dreaming a corpse, blaze of fire, flowers, or fruit.

Bad omens (Ketta sakunam / Ketta shagunangal):

  • Seeing  a widow, new pot, whirlwind, drops of rain, bundle of firewood, single Brahmin, oil-monger, pariah, lame man, men quarrelling, men in suffering, buttermilk, oil, empty pots, grass, bones, bundle of dirty clothes, handicapped person , blind,  salt, donkey, pieces of rope, broken vessels, screaming sounds, deep yelling, sneezing, cursing, shivering, falling and many more.

  • A black cat running or jumping across.

  • Seeing an ass either to the west, the north-west, the south-west or the south-east with its head hanging down and braying.

  • Seeing a crow, parrot, stork, heron, or a jackal pass from right to left.

  • Dreaming red colour.

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