Friday, November 19, 2010

Superstitions on babies and birth

Superstitions on babies and birth

  • A baby born from a red water sac is believed to have great powers and double sight.
  • A baby born when the moon is rising will be a girl.
  • A baby born with a large mouth will be a good singer.
  • A baby born with big ears will be generous.
  • A baby born with open hands and out-stretched fingers will be prosperous.
  • A baby born with teeth could be a vampire.
  • A baby that is born feet first will have healing abilities.
  • A child born feet first or breech will be lamed in an accident.
  • Babies born at midnight can see ghosts.
  • Babies born at night will stay awake at night.
  • Babies born on Sunday cannot be harmed by evil spirits.
  • Birth is made easier if all the locks in the house are open and you keep an axe under the bed.
  • Firstborn children are protected from witchcraft.
  • Thursday has one lucky hour, just before sunrise, for birth.
  • To hold a newborn baby while menstruating would cause the baby strain.

It is good luck to:

  • Brush your baby with a rabbit’s foot.
  • Carry a baby upstairs when first taking it out into the world.
  • Give a new baby a gift of bread or salt.
  • Have a baby born with a caul.
  • Have a baby first clasp something using it’s right hand.
  • Have a baby sneeze.
  • Kiss a newborn baby.
  • Put a string of coral beads around your baby’s neck.
  • Rub a baby’s head with money.
  • Spit on a newborn baby.

It is bad luck to:

  • Carry a baby downstairs when first taking it into the world.
  • Carry a child on the left side.
  • Cut a baby’s nails before it is twelve months old.
  • Dress a baby by putting clothes over its head instead of its feet.
  • Dress a baby in black.
  • Give away all a baby’s clothes when you have finished with them.
  • Let a cat in the room of a newborn baby.
  • Let babies see themselves in a mirror before they are six months old.
  • Step over a crawling infant.
  • Wash a baby’s hands before it is twelve months old.
  • Watch a baby as it sleeps.
  • Wean a baby in early spring.
  • Weigh a newborn baby.

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