Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Funny superstitions part II

  • A spoken statement is considered true if a wall lizard makes a sound on completion of the statement.
  • Bulls will chase if a person is in red dress.
  • If you step on a lemon coated with turmeric or kumkum, which is kept intentionally on a 3 way junction, ghost will enter you.
  • Don’t enter a house with your left foot first. Always step in using right foot.
  • It’s bad to cut hair and nails on Tuesdays.
  • If any dog howls at night, it may be suspected that someone may die in the vicinity.
  • If you carry non vegetarian food at night, carry an iron nail or a piece of charcoal along with it so as to avoid attracting ghosts.
  • If a crow crows near your house guest will arrive.
  • Seeing of a fox in the morning is a good omen.
  • If a looking glass (plane mirror) is broken on Tuesday, it is a bad omen.
  • Never look at a mirror at night.
  • Throw a coin or many coins in the river, when you cross it.
  • Incidents happen in an early morning dream will happen in real life.

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