Friday, December 18, 2009

Funny superstitions

The following superstitions are funny.

  • If a black cat crosses your path, cancel your journey.

  • If a cat crosses you on your way from left to right, it’s ok to proceed. If it crosses from right to left, go three steps backwards and then proceed.

  • Don’t step on a lemon which is on the road. Bad things will occur.

  • Wearing of burnt clothes, falling of lizard on some parts of the body, hooting of an owl, crow comes in flight and touches your head, and dog howls like fox are bad omens.

  • If you slip or if anyone sneezes while going out, you should return, sit for a while, drink some water and then proceed.

  • Tying a lemon in front of a truck and a slipper behind the truck will make it to run without any problem.

  • Never ask anyone 'Where are you going?'

  • If you drive over a pig, sell the vehicle.

  • Seven years of bad luck if you break a mirror.

  • Never buy any metal object on Saturday. It brings bad luck.

  • While starting for a journey, if you see anyone carrying wood, get back home and start with a delay.

  • Never eat during an eclipse.

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