Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wet Grinder Superstition

Superstitions in Madurai hinder dengue control measures

Beliefs and superstitions hinder the measures to control dengue. Unattended manually operable wet grinders in houses, filled with rain water, become breeding grounds for the mosquitoes. Turning a grinding stone upside down is considered inauspicious in Tamilnadu. Upturned grinder is believed to bring bad luck to houses. Government advises to upturn unused grinders, to control the rapidly spreading dengue fever. But some superstitious people are not cooperating.

In the race against time, the need of both husband and wife getting employed in the present economic situation, increasing in the number of nuclear families and to save time, people started depending more on electricity. Manual wet grinders made up of stone are abandoned. Now-a-days, due to erratic power supply with severe power cuts in Tamilnadu, a few started using their old manual grinders inevitably. 

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