Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Superstitions are many

Cawing of crow brings guests.

Coconut tree, Banyan Tree and Ashoka Tree are sacred.

Giving or accepting anything using left hand is bad.

Don’t ask, "Where are you going?" if anyone goes anywhere. The aim will not be achieved. 

Repeated yawning brings bad luck.

Sneezing many times brings bad events.

Sneezing once means the statement uttered is true. 

If a lizard makes a sound, the statement or thought at that time will be true.

Grains will spoil if touched by women having periods or by women after having sex. 

It is inauspicious to shave on Monday, to do haircut on Tuesday and to wash hair on Thursday.

Rahukaalam and Emakandam or yamakandam are inauspicious periods of time.

If right palm itches that will brink wealth.

Never wash the courtyard immediately after someone leaves the house.

Pumpkins and coconuts are broken at the middle of the road junctions after worshipping God, using them. Never touch them or walk on them or cross them.

During house warming ceremony, let the boiling milk overflow towards East.

If you see cat’s delivery, it brings good luck. 

The rear side of cows is most sacred because Goddess Lakshmi lives there. 

East is the preferred direction for all activities.

Looking at cat in the morning is a curse.  

Looking at mother's face or portrait of God as soon as you open your eyes in the morning will bring good luck for that day.

Tuesdays and Saturdays are inauspicious in some places to start a new work.

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