Friday, January 15, 2010

Gifting of white bangles and green saris (sarees)

In the year 2001, shops in Saurashtra area of India were crowded by people who want to purchase white colored bangles. This was due to a temporary superstitious rumor spread in that area. The rumor was, “White bangles are to be bought and offered as a gift to sisters-in-law (husband’s sister / nanand') by married women, (bhabhi) to protect their respective husbands from ill effect and evil forces.” Earlier, there was a different type of superstition. “Husband’s sister has to present a sari (saree) to her sister-in-law in order to protect her brother.”

In TamilNadu the rumor based on superstition was gifting green color saree by brother to his sisters.

This type of rumors spread now-a-days fast due to advancement in various communication methods and some people believe.

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