Thursday, January 14, 2010

Superstitions on solar eclipse and lunar eclipse

In Hindu astrology and mythology, Rahu and Ketu are invisible planets. They are enemies of the Sun and the Moon. It is believed that at certain times they swallow the Sun or the Moon causing either a solar eclipse (Surya grahanam) or a lunar eclipse Chandra grahanam).


  • Eclipse brings bad luck.
  • Don’t eat during solar eclipse.
  • Take a bath after the eclipse.
  • Cover water, food item, etc. with Holy Basil (tulsi leaves).
  • Throw away left over food.
  • Don’t expose to sunlight during eclipse especially pregnant women.

Some don’t believe by saying it is all superstition. They plan to conduct parties and get together. Solar eclipses or lunar eclipses are scientific phenomena. People must not be scared.

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