Saturday, January 16, 2010

Married women and the year 2010

Ladies, especially Indian ladies appear to be generally happy this year due to the belief that this year 2010 started on Friday and will end on Friday.

But in the middle of January, Tamil month ‘Thai’ was believed to be born on the vehicle of lord of death.

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Yama is the Lord of death. His vehicle is buffalo. He is also the Lord of Dharma. He is the king and ruler of hell, which is the place of departed souls, called Yamalog, Yamalogam or Yamapur.
He takes away the life of people and so people afraid even to here the name of Lord Yama.

He is also called Yaman, yeman, eman, Yamaraj, Yamraj, Dharamraj, Dharmaraj, Dharmaraja, Yamadharmarajan, Kalan, Kaalan, Kootruvan, Kootram, etc.

Married women (Sumangali) of Tamilnadu, due to fear, and in order to save their respective husbands from death, visited nearby temples. Each woman tied a Manjal Thali, a simple mangalsutra, on a peepal tree (Sacred Fig / Bo Tree / Arasa maram) or on a neem tree (Margosa tree / Vembu / Veppa maram). (During a Hindu wedding, the groom ties the Mangalsutra, a sacred thread of love and goodwill, around the neck of the bride, signifying their union.). Manjal means turmeric or haldi / haldhi.

This activity was based on a widely spread rumor to do so.

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