Sunday, January 24, 2010

Superstitions cause delay in marriages

Horoscope (Jaathakam / Janam patrika / Janampatrika, Kundli, Janampatri, Kundali, Janamkundli, Janmapatrika) plays a vital role in Hindu marriages.

  • If a Hindu bride has Manglik dosh (chevvai Dosham), the bride groom also should have it. Then the effect of one is cancelled by the other. This is a major problem in finding a suitable bride or bride groom. Several marriages are delayed in proper match finding process.

  • In Hindu tradition, if the broom doesn’t have the manglik dosh, in order to neutralize the influence of evil manglik dosh of the bride, she should marry a Sacred fig tree (Peepal / peepul / pippala / Arasa maram / Arayal) or a plantain tree (banana tree / vazhai maram / vaalai maram / waalai maram) before the broom ties the Mangal sutra. This is a cleansing ceremony.

  • Alternatively, the bride marries a clay urn and breaks it soon after the nuptial ceremonies.

  • This signifies that the bride has become a widow, and the manglik dosh (chevvai Dosham) problem has been solved.

  • However, a large number of families afraid by hearing the name chevvai thosam / chevvai dosham. They don’t want to take any risk. Due to this kind of too many formalities and fear, many possible weddings become impossible.

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